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Good bye Great Britain :(

I haven't been awake that quickly for years like this morning when I caught only the last words of a sentence on my radio: "...never would have believed it."
I instantly knew - the worst case scenario has become reality. Great Britain voted for 'leave'. And I still can't believe it.
I'm shocked.

It's hard for the EU, but we will deal.
I'm afraid that for the UK it'll be a catastrophy.
What I find most dramatic is that, other than protest-voting for populists of the extreme right (or left) fringes of the political spectrum, the Brexit is permanent. It's nothing that can be undone by the next election, even if it turns out to be a mistake. I really, really hope it won't be.

I'm so, so sorry that it turned out that way. I feel with all of you who voted for 'remain', and who are scared now.

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