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55 days of BtVS: Day 1

I saw this 55 question about BtVS challenge on the_moonmoth's page, and since my LJ is still a bit on the empty side, and my Bio sucks, I decided to try to do this.
Apparently she found it on tumblr (right?) here , where I can't comment because I have not the first idea about how to do anything at all over there. I suck. But hey, I succeeded to create a link here, that's something, right? Ugh, I'm still trying to find my way through all the mysteries of LJ...

I probably won't do this daily, though. Time, my huge problem. Also, of course it won't be betaed, so there'll be mistakes. Which reminds me that I should put my non-native-speaker-ness in my Bio at least.
Oh well.

So, here goes.

Day 1: Favorite character

The start is pretty easy. That's Buffy, of course.

I love her. Simple as that. She's not without flaws, of course not. She wouldn't be the interesting character she is then. But she is also kind, brave, and incredibly strong (and I don't mean bodily strength here). Also, even after all the crap she is given, she never ceases to be empathetic and forgiving. She may not have access to her whole inner self for a while in s6, but even then she doesn't stop caring for those dear to her more than for herself.

To be honest - it gives me goosebumps when someone calls her selfish. To me, she is as selfless as can be, almost to a fault. If she wouldn't suffer so much at the notion of her being unable to love, it would be laughable. She has such a huge heart, and is so full of love that it hurts to see her struggle with this.

From day one of her calling she struggles to maintain a normal life, but never for one second shies away from her responsibility. The only two times she even thinks about quitting are connected to her love in significant ways - the first time in Prophecy Girl she instantly dismisses the thought of running away when she realizes her friends' lives are in danger if she does, the second time in The Gift she thinks of quitting only because of her love for Dawn as qonsequence of maybe losing her. And then she quits, both times, in the only way even thinkable for her - in sacrificing herself.

It's no coincidence either that she isn't the Slayer out of the brochure. It's her love that gives her the added security net that no other slayer has, that feeds her with strength as much as she gives back. Without her ability to love we wouldn't have gotten this wonderful woman.
It would've been the Buffy from the Wish-verse.

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