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55 days of BtVS: Day 2

Day 2: Least favorite character

Veruca. Without any doubt.

Even if it feels a bit wrong to pick someone who appears in only one episode (plus two appearances with her band) – I can’t ignore her. And since the part she plays in Oz’s leaving is so important, and she brings up a subject that is important to the show, I feel like I’m allowed to do this. She’s the one and only character that I absolutely dislike, and not in a good she-plays-her-so-good- it gives-me-shudders way.
I don’t know how much of it is the actress; I’ve never seen her anywhere else. But I couldn’t stand her the first moment she was on screen. I don’t even like the way she sings.

Not to stay on the shallow side, though, I mostly don’t like how she behaves character wise. She’s supposed to tear Oz over to the wild side, I get that; but her whole attitude bugs me, her way of not caring the slightest what happens to people around her. She’s hurting and killing and doesn’t care. And she excuses it with her being a werewolf, when Oz so clearly shows that it doesn’t have to be that way at all.

She claims to be more alive than as a human, and free. What she means is free of the annoying conscience. She doesn’t struggle and apparently never did. That raises the question why she feels so different about it than Oz does. Is it ‘the ties to the world’ again? Having friends, a girlfriend? Maybe. But with everything I ever heard about being in a band, these are mostly close relationships. To me it’s pretty clear that she’s not without those bonds, so it must be in her personality, a personality that most likely (if Oz' development after being bitten is any clue) was the same before the bite. And a personality that perceives it as freedom to be able to hurt and kill without having to care just is loathsome to me. It’s like your random vampire, only after turning. And at the same time a not so random vampire slowly begins his journey of beginning to care for the consequences of his doings despite not being equipped with a conscience.

It fills me with great satisfaction that the only thing she accomplishes with her rousing speech is the exact opposite from what she wanted – Oz is horrified and wants nothing less than to become like her. It leads to him leaving, which is a shame, but hey, it gave us Tara!

Maybe Veruca shows the way how it's supposed to go. Oz and Spike show there is a better way, if there is the will to choose it.
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