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55 days of BtVS: Day 3

For those who are reading the_moonmoth’s 55 Days – I started reading hers, but stopped as soon as I realized I’d like to do this, too, and she already had two out of the first three days picked the same as I would have. I haven’t read her Day 3 yet, nor have I checked out any of the other days. If there are any more consistencies in choice, it just means we love (or don't like) similar things about the show…though after each posted day I head over to look what she chose :)

Favorite female character

A hard question, since I already had Buffy, and I love them all. It may have something to do with my protective streak that I ended up picking her, but probably I just love her most – Dawn.
Yes, I know she’s a little annoying sometimes (not to me, but I get that others see her that way  at times). She’s a teenager, she’s supposed to be! And – she’s a lot more than that.

For one she’s incredibly brave. I have no idea how I would have reacted had someone told me at the age of 14 that I hadn’t been real until just a few weeks ago, but I think it wouldn’t have been pretty. But Dawn, after a very brief and shocking test of her being real, sucks it up and goes on. It’s on her mind, never really lets her go as can be seen throughout the show, but she lives with it.
I admire her strength and resilience, her sharp mind and her ability to think on her feet despite being scared as hell, like shown in ‘Blood Ties’, when she pumps Glory for information about herself, but also later in s7 in ‘Potential’ (which btw is the episode where her beauty really knocks me off my feet!).

She’s really smart (translating from ancient languages? People her age have difficulties with living languages!), but also warmhearted and empathetic. I will forever love her for her sensitive behavior when, and especially after, she finds Buffy on the tower and for her telling the Scoobies off, realizing they were crowding her. Also, it’s no coincidence that she’s the only one seeing the deeper feelings Spike has for Buffy (which of course is because she’s the only one not seeing Spike as a nuisance, but that’s just one more plus point on my I-love-Dawn list  :) )

With everything she’s been through, I don’t know how she doesn’t end up in a psych ward. Instead she fights back as well as she can, is understanding of everyone (her reaction to Buffy after realizing what Buffy had been up to with Spike?  ‘I know it must hurt. To feel like you have to hide, to keep secrets from everybody?’  Man, she’s 15 by then and already so insightful!) and is even a friend for Tara when she could’ve felt abandoned instead.

When she stays with Tara’s dead body – this is one of the rare scenes that, after a gazillion rewatches, still drive me to tears every. single. time.
And her giddy joy when she sees Tara’s back is just contagious:

‘No! No, no, no! Uh-uh! I’m totally not here. You guys you do whatever you want. Um. I’ll go watch TV, downstairs, really loud, in the basement, where I can’t hear anything. ‘ (Squeal of delight) ‘Oh my god! Oh my god!’ (dashes off, comes back) ‘I love you guys! ‘

I don’t know how I could not love her. I agree with Xander: She’s extraordinary.
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