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March Madness Mini!

cryptwarmer postet a challenge over at the Elysian Fields LJ page: 'Post a Spuffy pic here as a challenge. Someone sees the pic, and writes a drabble, short dialogue, haiku (or longer poem) based on their interpretation of the pic.'

Here is my contribution:

A 'true' drabble (100 words)

‚She’s our friend. We’ll take care of her.’

He terribly mimics an American accent, waggling his head mockingly before angrily kicking against the sarcophagus.
Yeah, of course they will. He snorts. Like they’ve done so well all this time, right? Like rescuing her from sodding heaven, for God’s sake, and not even realizing it.
Like trying to make her forget instead of helping her deal. Or ignoring her pain altogether and just rejoicing in her being back.

Fine friends they are.

He hopes they’ll give her some ice for her neck.
But they won’t.

They don’t know her well enough.

(Not betaed, sorry for any mistakes; please point them out...)
Tags: buffy, drabble, fic, ficlet, spike, spuffy

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